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Our goal

Our goal here at Cape Cod Candleman is to create the healthiest candle around while also trying to have some fun with the candle scents and names. It seems candles these days can be kinda boring with subtle scents and boring brands, so let's bring the fun back to candles!!

Day Drinking Margarita 8 oz. Saturday Morning Cartoons 8oz. How Bout Dem Apples 8 oz. Well Hung 8 oz. MILF & Cookies 8 oz.

Hand poured in Sandwich

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All the candles with fun names!

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Cape Cod Beach Bonfire 8oz. Cape Cod Cranberry 8 oz. Cape Cod  Blueberry 8 oz. How Bout Dem Apples 8 oz. Well Hung 8 oz.

Hand poured in Sandwich

candles for the fall

Scents to enlighten the mood according to the season

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 Here we hand pour our micro batch candles using 100% soy wax derived from U.S. soybeans creating an eco-friendly and extremely clean product. Our wicks are made from natural pine, a renewable resource creating longer burn times and an improved candle all around.

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