Cape Cod Soy All Natural Candles

Steven Hixon @ 2020-11-29 18:43:31 -0500

Pick Out the Perfect Gift for Your Loved Ones - Hand Poured Cape Cod Soy Candles

Are you tired of getting your loved ones the same types of gifts over and over again every single year? Want to think outside the box a bit more? If so, here at Cape Cod Candleman, we can help you do that. We offer a wide variety of hand-poured Cape Cod Soy Candles. There is a Scented soy candle for everyone in your life. 

Woodsy and Sweet

Do you have someone in your life that just loves the outdoors? Maybe, they enjoy hunting, camping, or just being out in nature. If so, we have the perfect Soy scented candle for them. Our Cape Cod cranberry candle has a woodsy and sweet aroma. With the tartness of cranberries and the sweetness of berries, any nature enthusiast would love to have this candle burning in their home. 

Bonfire Lovers

Do you have someone in your life that loves having bonfires? Maybe your uncle or cousin just enjoys going to the beach and having bonfires. Here is Cape Cod, there is nothing like the smell and enjoyment of a beach bonfire. It is relaxing and fun. With the aroma of vanilla bean, campfire smoke, cassia bark, damask plum, juicy mandarin, and red berries, this Cape Cod beach bonfire candle will remind your loved one of a bonfire any time they have it burning. 

Beach Day Any Time

Does your loved one enjoy hanging out at the beach? Here in Cape Cod, the summers are made for lounging and swimming at the beach. Between the sun, sand, and beach aromas, there is no better way to spend the summer days. Here at Cape Cod Candleman, we can help you recreate the memories of a day at the beach for your loved one at any time. With our Day at the Beach Soy Candles, your loved one will be able to reminisce on their beach memories any time they wish. 

Golfer’s Dream

Do you have a golf-lover in your family or circle of friends? If so, you can’t go wrong with getting them our Fresh Cut Fairway Cape Cod Soy Candles. This candle smells just like fresh-cut fairway grass and a bit of citrus aroma to perfect the memories that one might have on the golf course. 

Margarita Time

Who in your circle of friends or family loves those margaritas? Here at Cape Cod Candleman, we have the perfect solution. Our Day Drinking Margarita handcrafted candles would be a fantastic gift. These candles will give your loved one or friend the feelings they get when sitting alongside the beach sipping on a margarita. The aroma is that of fresh limes, lemon rinds, and fresh greenery.

Fireball Party Time

Who in your life loves themselves some Fireball? No judgment here. We have the perfect candle for them, as well. You can get the Cinnamon Whiskey Soy Candles. These Cape Cod candles are basically aromas of cinnamon and shots in a jar. Whoever that loved one, friend, or other person in your life is that loves Fireball is going to get a kick out of these candles. 

Reindeer Jokes

Who do you know that loves to joke around? If you have a jokester in your life, you have got to get them some of our Reindeer Nutz Chestnut Scented candles. Don’t be afraid to show or tell the jokester in your life what Reindeer nuts smell like. No, it isn’t terrible. Smells good, in fact. It is a mixture of chestnuts, orange, nutmeg, clove, ginger, and nut undertones. 

Maple Syrup Overload

Out of all our Cape Cod Soy Candles, one of the favorites is the Vermont Maple Syrup fragrance. Who do you know that loves maple syrup? Come on, who doesn’t, right? All those maple syrup lovers are going to love this candle. The aroma is a mixture of brown sugar, sweetness, and nutty aromas. The perfect combination for a candle. Next time you go over to this person’s house, you are going to walk it and get a sniff of maple syrup. It doesn’t get much better than that. 

Christmas is Coming

Do you know someone who just can’t seem to get enough of Christmas time? Maybe they look forward to this holiday all year. They may not even take down their Christmas lights or decorations until they absolutely have to. Let’s add to their excitement. One of our Cape Cod Soy Candles is called Fresh Cut Christmas Tree. It smells just like a fresh-cut Christmas tree with hints of fresh lime, pine, and a dash of ground pepper. 

Child at Heart

Who do you know that is just a child at heart? They love sitting around watching cartoons with their kids, eating sugary foods, and just having fun. Nothing wrong with that. If you want to find the perfect gift for this person, you must check out our Soy Candles. We have a Loopy Fruits Fruity Cereal Scented Soy Candle. It is for all those people who just have a bit of a crazy, child-like, but pretty amazing personality. 

Football Here We Come

Who in your life loves football? Maybe you know someone who is always watching football or even playing it when they get the chance. There is just something about this sport that makes people go a little crazy. Many football lovers even enjoy the smell of footballs. The leather scent is quite amazing. We have a gift for all these football lovers too. You can get the Pigskin Leather hand-poured soy candles here at Cape Cod Candleman. 


Here at Cape Cod Candleman, we have all sorts of Soy Candles. There are Cape Cod candles for everyone in your life. Whether you have someone who loves the beach, wants to day drink, loves maple syrup, or just wants to live their life how they please, you must check out all of our Cape Cod Soy Candles.