About Us

Nestled between the Dunes of Cape Cod is the quaint coastal town of Sandwich. Here we hand pour our micro batch candles using 100% soy wax derived from U.S. soybeans creating an eco-friendly and extremely clean product. Our wicks are made from natural pine, a renewable resource creating longer burn times and an improved candle all around. Our candles are not mass produced using paraffin wax like some of the bigger players, Paraffin wax is basically a petroleum by-product which is created from the sludge waste when crude oil is refined to gasoline. If you've ever bought a cheap candle before and noticed the glass becoming black from soot, then you have bought a paraffin based candle.  Please don't! Soy candles are made from a renewable resource right here in the U.S.A, they burn slower and actually up to 30%-50% longer than paraffin.  

Our goal here at Cape Cod Candleman is to create the healthiest candle around while also trying to have some fun with the candle scents and names. It seems candles these days can be kinda boring with subtle scents and boring brands, so let's bring the fun back to candles!! From outrageous scents like Beer Pong and Dorm Life to more classic fragrances like Cape Cod Cranberry and Fresh Cut Fairway we have the candle for just about everyone! We are constantly testing and developing new scents and keep our customer base in mind while doing this, if you have an idea or scent you are looking for, visit the "Contact Us" page and drop us a line!